Where to find DreamCloud mattress

Where to find DreamCloud mattress?

If you’re wondering where to find DreamCloud mattresses, there are a few things that you should know before you buy. First, let’s take a look at the cost of a DreamCloud mattress. Next, learn about the firmness level, warranty, and edge support. Finally, learn about the company’s charitable activities.

Cost of DreamCloud mattress

While the price of a DreamCloud mattress is not cheap, it’s also very affordable compared to many other mattress options. DreamCloud ships its mattresses for free within the continental U.S. but requires an additional fee of $150 for Alaska and Hawaii. They also offer White Glove delivery services, which include in-home assembly and packaging removal. For an extra $149, DreamCloud will even remove your old mattress.

DreamCloud mattresses are made with premium materials and are extremely comfortable for people of all sizes. They combine pressure-relieving foam with supportive wrapped coils for a truly luxurious feel. The DreamCloud mattress is CertiPUR-US certified and works with most foundations and bed frames. Its deluxe foam and cashmere cover add to the overall luxury feel of the mattress.

DreamCloud offers a 365-night trial period. The trial begins 30 days after delivery, which includes the break-in period. DreamCloud also offers an ever-lasting warranty. If you are not satisfied with your purchase within 365 days, the company will replace it. Additionally, they will take care of shipping costs if anything happens to the mattress.

The DreamCloud has a generous return policy and free shipping. The company offers 365 nights of free sleep trials and a lifetime warranty. There are also regular sales and financing options available through Affirm. Customer service is available around-the-clock. You can even contact them via live chat for questions and concerns.

Firmness level

The DreamCloud is a medium-firm mattress, rated 6.5 on a 10 point firmness scale. This firmness rating refers to how the mattress feels when you’re lying on it. The firmness level of a bed is often influenced by the weight of the person sleeping on it and their specific sleeping position, but this medium-firm model provides the right balance of support and cushion for most people.

DreamCloud offers a 365-night risk-free trial period and a lifetime warranty. The medium firm model is made of memory foam and coils, and it’s considered medium-firm. In addition to its 365-night trial, DreamCloud offers financing through Affirm. The company’s customer service is available 24/7 through live chat. DreamCloud offers free shipping to most countries, and the mattress should arrive within five to ten business days.

Firmness is the first thing you’ll notice when lying on a mattress. It’s the way a mattress supports the body and spine. If a mattress isn’t as firm as you want, you’re probably not going to have a good night’s sleep.

The DreamCloud mattress has a firmness level of 6.5. This makes it perfect for couples, side sleepers, and back sleepers. It also has a breathable cover. The DreamCloud mattress is designed to last a long time. Its price is competitive with similar mattresses.


The warranty on a DreamCloud mattress covers the materials and workmanship of your new mattress for the first 10 years after purchase. This warranty does not cover damage caused by misuse, abuse, or fire. It also does not cover body impressions that are less than 1.5 inches thick. However, if you experience a problem with your DreamCloud mattress, you may be eligible for a free replacement under warranty.

The DreamCloud is composed of 3 thin layers of polyurethane foam. Each layer provides responsive support and is breathable. The DreamCloud mattress also has a spring system that keeps the mattress cool and responsive. The mattress also has a cover made of a cashmere and polyester mix. In addition, it features small ventilations to release heat.

If you are concerned about a faulty mattress, DreamCloud offers a 365-night trial. This trial period includes break-in time, so you can test your mattress before buying. DreamCloud also offers a lifetime warranty. If your DreamCloud mattress breaks or becomes unusable within these 365 days, DreamCloud will replace it at no charge. The warranty covers the materials, workmanship, and design.

If you want to get a new DreamCloud mattress, you can buy it online and wait for delivery. Shipping times vary depending on your location.

Edge support

Edge support is a crucial consideration when purchasing a mattress, and the DreamCloud does not disappoint. Its dual layer of heavy gauge coils on the outer rim of the mattress provides excellent support around the edge, and the thick foam at its center provides additional stability to the overall mattress. However, this level of support is only adequate for some sleepers, particularly heavier ones. If you prefer a firmer mattress, you might want to look for a different model.

While most mattresses feature a base layer of springs, the DreamCloud has a patented five-layer design. These layers include a 1.5-inch quilted foam topper, three additional layers of support foam, and a durable innerspring mattress base. The innerspring mattress and quilted foam topper are contoured to relieve pressure points on the body. The mattress is self-rated as being a luxury firm mattress, and it tested out at 8 out of 10 in our firmness test.

A few other notable features of the DreamCloud mattress include its generous lifetime warranty and financing through Affirm. Although you cannot get a refund or exchange for the DreamCloud due to a faulty item, the company has a live chat support system. Alternatively, you can contact DreamCloud via email.

Another great feature of the DreamCloud mattress is its comfort. The cover is made of a luxurious cashmere-blend material, which is incredibly soft to touch. It also includes a layer of gel memory foam, which responds slowly to pressure and allows you to sink into the bed. The DreamCloud also has pocketed coils on its base layer, which provides additional support to the mattress.

Cost of Puffy Lux Hybrid

When you purchase a Puffy Lux Hybrid DreamCloud mattress, you are getting an incredibly comfortable mattress for an affordable price. This mattress has a lifetime warranty and will cover defects caused by a manufacturing error, as well as sagging, indentation, and tearing of the fabric. If you experience any issues with your mattress, you can contact the Puffy warranty department and claim a repair or replacement. Just be sure to provide photographic proof of the problem so that they can determine whether or not the mattress is defective.

Puffy Lux Hybrid’s top layer contains five inches of adaptive foam, which helps you sink more into the mattress. This foam also helps relieve pressure points, which is great for people with back pain. Since the Puffy Lux Hybrid has individually encased coils, it is a good option for couples. Another benefit of this mattress is that it does not make noise or move around – two things that are necessary if you are a couple.

The cover is made from OEKO-TEX(r) Standard 100 certified fabric. The comfort layer has two layers of polyurethane foam. One layer is Cooling Cloud foam, which promotes cooling and disperses heat evenly across the surface. The second layer is Plush Dual Cloud foam, which is more breathable than standard foam mattresses.


The DreamCloud mattress is a hybrid mattress with individually wrapped coils and a layer of high-density foam. The mattress is about 14 inches tall, which is the standard height for hybrid mattresses. The DreamCloud’s price is around $1000 for a queen size. However, the company offers various discounts and coupon codes to help customers save money. You can get up to $200 off your purchase with coupons. The mattress is very durable and should last for many years.

This mattress is heavier than the average mattress. It is also quite expensive, but you should expect it to last for many years. The DreamCloud comes with a full 365-night trial. If you are not satisfied with it, you can return it for a full refund. The manufacturer also provides a lifetime warranty for manufacturing defects.

This mattress also has a premium hybrid design. Its cover is made of a phase-changing material that keeps the surface cool. It also has layers of breathable memory foam and supportive foam. This mattress also features a thick layer of high-density polyfoam in the bottom to prevent any movement on the surface.

The DreamCloud mattress features two more layers than Casper’s plush top cover. The cashmere blend top cover provides a cloud-like feel and extra breathability. It also comes with a Trueloft Eurotop layer that is made of memory foam and provides contouring support. In addition, the Dreamcloud mattress also has a cooling gel top layer that keeps the mattress cool while you sleep.