Where to find antique furniture

Where to find antique furniture?

Antique furniture is a great way to add character and beauty to your home. Its age and craftsmanship are often superior to those of contemporary items. However, finding talented craftsmen to make this furniture is a challenge. Additionally, the beautiful wood used in antique items is not readily available anymore. As such, it is important to look for a quality piece.


If you’re looking for antique furniture and other home decor, Etsy is the place to go. Browse by category to find the best pieces for your home. You can also browse by country, state, or style. The site also features vintage collectibles for any budget.

You can also find modern and vintage items on Etsy. There are some very interesting shops that specialize in different eras. For example, there is the Etsy shop called NewTimesFinds, which is based in the Netherlands. It has more than 2,000 hearts and hundreds of items for sale. Whether you’re looking for mid-century furniture or antique floor rags, you’ll find a variety of items in their listings.

Etsy also has a large selection of furniture for sale. Some of the pieces listed are similar to ones you might find on Wayfair. However, you can be sure of their authenticity by checking the customer feedback. If you’re not satisfied with the piece, you can contact them and ask for a refund. It’s also important to understand the shipping and return policies. If the seller doesn’t accept returns, don’t buy from them unless you’re sure they’ll ship it to you.

Be aware that there are risks involved with buying on Etsy. Because this is an international marketplace, shipping costs can be high. It’s also possible to get scammed – people buy an item and then complain that it didn’t arrive. In order to avoid this, be transparent in your listings and shipping fees. Also, always take care when shipping delicate items.

Humble House

For those who love antique furniture, the Humble House museum is a must visit. It has a dazzling art gallery and showroom, as well as an extensive collection of antique Chinese furniture. These pieces are date-marked and showcase the talents of traditional craftsmen. You can get museum tours and hear a talk on Chinese furniture at this unique museum.

Humble House is just one mile from Main Street. It’s close to all the action, yet in a quiet neighborhood. Nearby are world-class attractions, such as Admiral Nimitz World War II reenactments, the National Museum of the Pacific War, and quaint, Bavarian-style bistros. It’s also close to the annual Oktoberfest and Trade Days festivals.

Humble House is home to over 202,000 items and is an excellent place to find antique furniture. You can filter your search by price, style, material, and more. You can also search by location and choose to buy or pickup items. If you’re looking for more specific pieces, you should check out 1stdibs. The site has a huge inventory, and its gallery contains only a fraction of the available items. It offers searchable listings by style, material, and period, so you can find pieces that match your needs.


AptDeco is an online community that offers high-quality antique and vintage furniture. Its collection includes vintage pieces from top brands and single resellers. Prices vary from super affordable to not-so-budget-friendly. It also offers free delivery. You can browse through the available items by category or brand.

The New York-based site started out as a way to reduce the amount of furniture thrown away. Since then, it has expanded to the Bay Area. According to AptDeco, approximately 9 million tons of furniture is disposed of every year. This makes it vital to keep older furniture in circulation, so that we can live in a cleaner world.

If you don’t have an extensive budget to purchase vintage furniture, you can also sell your own items on AptDeco. Its marketplace has a large selection, and the sellers are vetted before their listings are approved. Additionally, it offers free shipping and a satisfaction guarantee.

AptDeco offers antique furniture from top designers. It also offers a style quiz that will help you find the perfect pieces at affordable prices. The company specializes in pushing antiques into the modern age, offering furniture that is timeless and affordable. It offers a wide selection of styles, as well as pieces priced at going market rates.


Looking for a piece of vintage furniture? If so, you’ll love the selection at Lauritz. The company also has an app that lets you track your purchases and bid on auctions. This service will ensure that your furniture reaches your home safely, reducing the risk of damage and extending its life.


Viyet is an online furniture consignment marketplace where buyers and sellers can find bargains. It offers a simple process for sellers and buyers. After a curator has looked over the information you have provided, they will come to your home to view your items. Then they’ll prepare an estimate and handle the marketing. If you’d like, Viyet will also store your furniture for you.

Viyet was founded by Rachel Rodin, a San Antonio native who previously ran a successful fashion design company in New York City. She was inspired by the city’s design and architecture to create the site. The site has already become a big hit in New York and has since expanded to New Jersey and Los Angeles. Viyet chose Dallas because of its Design District, where the culture is devoted to beautiful interiors.

Viyet offers a wide variety of products. Users can browse by type, style or category. For items under $1,999, the site offers free listings. Once the auction ends, Viyet keeps 60% of the price. The site also offers free shipping for items over $2,000. Since launching, the site has helped over 25,000 items find a home. It accepts all kinds of items, including furniture and antiques.

Viyet also allows sellers to sell their wares. The site has an approval process to ensure that the sellers are legitimate. It is a marketplace for vintage furniture and decor and is growing quickly. The site features a wide range of furniture at varying prices. You can also shop for antique art and home decor.

Reuse America

Reuse America is a store in Brooklyn, New York that sells vintage decor and furniture. You’ll find vintage pieces of all kinds, including modern, midcentury, and industrial age styles. You can even find furniture from the early 1900s. The stores refurbish vintage items and bring in truckloads of new items daily.

If you’re looking for old furniture and want to avoid paying full price, visit Reuse America. You can buy vintage and antique furniture for cheap, and the staff is extremely helpful. The store has two storage warehouses and has furniture from every state. You’ll find everything from chairs to retro televisions and bookshelves, electric guitars, and more.

Reuse America is a great place to find antique furniture, and you’ll be helping to save the planet at the same time. The site was launched in 2013 and has been steadily growing since then. The company’s mission is to reduce the amount of trash in the world by selling used furniture. Its inventory contains around 850,000 items. It sources these items from individual collectors, dealers, and galleries. The pieces are then shipped to consumers. This way, the company doesn’t have to worry about maintaining large warehouses.